OUR TEAM | ROSE&BOY continues to work with the most professional staff and pride themselves on a high standard of customer service, attention to detail and honest opinions. (If it looks bad we will tell you!) Our girls and guys are handpicked because they are passionate about fashion and each have their own personal style and love of life. Here is an insight into their fashion, lifestyle and loves...



Karlie | Director

Personal Style | A floral shift dress, pair of heeled boots and at least two pieces of Samantha Wills. I always have 3 different shades of lipstick in my hand bag to finish of any outfit.

Style Icon | There are so many amazing people making their mark in fashion, that it’s hard to name just one. Im old school and I do love Nicole Richie’s fashion in the latest years; Rocking her Boho edge by pulling off crazy prints one day and then wearing a classic white shirt and denims the next.

Fav Labels | We introduced Isla by TALULAH on the first day we open ROSE&BOY and I am in LOVE with the label! The prints are fresh, with beautiful simple pieces that are perfect for everyday wear. My kryptonite has to be Samantha Wills! I die waiting for the next collection to drop instore each season.

Fav place to eat | I'm a breakfast and Lunch kinda a girl, as I love lazy dinners at home with my little family. My top recommendation for lunch has to be the Little Larder in Port Douglas. I order the lamb shoulder, Feta, Rocket and Fig Jam Sandwhich ever time without fail, with a fresh juice. HEAVEN!

Fav place in the world | Kata Beach in Thailand.  It’s a beautiful little town in Phuket, a few beaches down from Paton, where we spent our first Overseas holiday and then went back for our Honeymoon. The ocean is clean and you can go snorkelling straight of the beach.

Fav Song | HAPPY  Right now its that song that you can’t help but dance along  to. Its starts and your butt instantly starts to move! Plus my baby girls sings along HAAAAPPPPPYYYYYYYY which melts my heart every time.

Fashion Do|  Accessorise! You can wear the most basic tee, denims and a messy bun. But if you wear sandals instead of thongs and throw on a few pieces of jewellery, you instantly look fashion and not like you have just been dragged out of bed.

Fashion Don’t (ever) | Crocs! Enough Said!

What you cant live without | Sunshine, coffee and my beautiful little miss!


Daniel | Director

Personal Style|  In true Port Douglas style, a singlet, printed shorts and a straw hat is all you need on the weekend.  And I'm always on the lookout for a good cut suit for those rare occasions.

Style Icon| Respect to anyone that actually takes pride in their appearance and makes an effort. People that make you look twice because they have actually thought about their outfit and person grooming.

Fav Labels| Scotch and Soda - the prints and cuts and the fabric are far above so many other labels. It all in the little hidden attention to details. Assembly Label covers your every day must have items and are for a good dollar.

Fav place to eat | Nothing beats a big breakfast fest with the family at home on the weekends. Star of Siam on Macrossan Street , is the best Thai food I have eatten, We always over order to ensure we have left overs the next day.

Fav place in the world | Far North Queensland, We really do live in paradise. The life style is so easy and relaxed and we have so many options and adventures to do on the weekends. Diving on the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the Rainforest, or just hanging out at the beach. I have loved my traveling but its always nice to come home.

Fav Song | Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong reminds me of my poppy, and its just a beautiful song.

Fashion Do|  Have one last look in the mirror... and makesure you dont over do it.

Fashion Don’t (ever) | Wear your jocks on the outside! Its called underwear for a reason! Sock and sandels is also really bad!

What you can't live without| Weekends, my family and comfy underwear!  


Emily | Director

Personal Style | You’ll see me in One Teaspoon Denims, a clean Nobody Tee and conies any day of the week. But denim or a fun shift dress is my happy work “uniform”….. Oh and I love me a good playsuit! Long or short I dont care!

Style Icon |  There are too many well dressed celebs out there but Queen B (Beyonce) ticks all the boxes. From her street style to her full glam red carpet looks, She is always in my top 5 best dressed.

Fav Labels | For a more casual look I love the effortlessness of One Teaspoon , however by night I am a Cameo girl or have known to rock a lot of Blessed Are The Meek.

Fav place to eat | Little Larder!!! OMG YUM!!! Everything about it is amazing and then we have the excuse to just pop into With Sugar for a little look around while we wait. We have also been loving the Garlic Bread from Zinc and their Iced Coffee thick shakes.

Fav place in the world | Nothing beats home, but Africa has always been on my list for travels as long as I can remember and I will get there one day.

Fav Song | Anything Beyoncé, Usher or old school hip hop/rnb

Fashion Do | I always need a Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot ring to finish my outfit. I actullly dont feel dressed without one.

Fashion Don’t (ever) | leggings as pants... Makesure your shirt, top or dress is long enough to covers your "you know what".

What you cant live without | I can’t live without my Kleenx tissues, 3ply, the really good ones!!! And of course my family, they are my world!!!

James | Director

Personal Style | Thongs, denims, fitted tee and a printed 5 Panel Hat!

Style Icon | Usher always has a fresh, clean look with a pimp outfit. I also like Mark Wahlberg's relaxed style, never over doing it.

Fav Labels | Can't beat a pair of Nobody Denims, spot on with style and comfort. Scotch & Soda is great for everyday and also do a nice dress shirt by night. Known for the prints, patterns and quality. I dig the St John Elite 5 panel hats, they are eye catching with their sweet prints.

Fav place to eat | Thai on Grant St, Port Douglas

Fav place in the world |

Fav Song | Prince - purple rain and anything Michael Jackson - The King of Pop

Fashion Do |

Fashion Don’t (ever) |

Cant live without | My family, my number one Zekke boy, my guitar & music.

Ally | Sales assistant

Personal Style | Have a current monochrome addiction that’s showing no signs of fading, but will occasionally swap it for an amazing print.

Style Icon | I have so many!!! I have always loved Miranda Kerr's effortless street style, she I love how she can make a striped tee & ripped jeans look polished! I'm also completely obsessed with Lily Collins at the moment!!

Fav Labels | I can't get enough of Cameo, Jagger and the Fifth Label. I love the unique colours and prints they use and how structured their pieces are! I pretty much hyperventilate when any new collection arrives at ROSE&BOY.

Fav place to eat | I'm such a breakfast girl! Some of my favourite spots include The Junction Cafe & The Little Larder, but if I feel like a massive feast I will always head to QT Resort and attack their buffet.....Mohan their chef will make practically whatever you want and it is always delicious! Getting cravings just thinking about it!

Fav place in the world | Secret Beach in Cape Tribulation, you can sit there and feel like your on a deserted island, it's the most peaceful place I've ever been too. Also, in bed when it's raining! Oh and Shell Beach in WA! It's just amazing! Crystal clear water and instead of sand, millions of tiny little shells, plus there are usually a few dolphins around!

Fav Song | Changes every week but right now....Stolen Dance by Milky Choice.

Fashion Do | Keep it simple, don't overdo it! Love this quote..
“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Chanel

Fashion Don’t (ever) | Let your bra straps or any other part hang out (unless it's a bandeau/ bralette and amazing and then it's okay). Also red and green together....this always results in you looking like a walking Christmas tree.

What you can't live without | White nail polish, red lipstick and my ever growing collection of fashion coffee table books (even though I don't actually own a coffee table).

Caitanya | Sales assistant

Personal style | Love simple classic pieces with a twist! Known for my black and white obsession and a lace bra! And never go anywhere without red lipstick!

Style icon | Olivia Palermo would have to be my pick. She has a way of making everything look so effortless. Her style is classy yet edgy, and she can take a risk!

Fav labels | Staple would have to be one of my favs, simple, classic, yet edgy! They use great fabrics and their fits are always perfect. Any thing from the Australian Fashion Labels for the weekend: Cameo, Keepsake or The Fifth Label.

Fav place to eat | Estilo bar! I love everything on the menu! It's always a struggle to choose something! But I would have to say the halloumi salad would have to be my favourite! Their new cocktail menu is amazing.

Fav place in the world | I couldn't possible tell you where my favourite place in the world is! I have not yet travelled the whole world,  I still  have so much to experience! Maybe I could answer that question in 20 years!

Fav Song | My favourite song changes every day! Also changes depending on my mood... But I always love a song I can sing along and have a little dance too.

Fashion Do | Have fun with what your wear..  Mix it up. Always finish an outfit off with the right accessories and polished make-up.
Fashion Don’t (ever) | Don't mix black and navy!!!! Some times it can work... But it's very hard to get right!... Please just don't do it... It's wrong.

What you can't live without | My rose gold watch, Samantha Wills Fine necklace and Zodiac bangle! I wear them everyday of my life! Feel naked without them!


Samuel | Sales assistant

Personal Style | Originally a Melbourne boy, I'm addicted to loud shirts and a pair of simple jeans. But now that I've moved to the sunshine state and the beautiful hot weather, I can't look past a pair of Nobody Denim shorts and a singlet top.

Style Icon | It's hard to narrow it down to one person who influences my style, but I love Frank Oceans fashion. A patterned shirt and a pair of chinos can be worn on any occasion.

Fav Labels | Nothing better than a pair of Nobody shorts (made in Melbourne) and a Scotch and Soda shirt to accompany it.

Fav place to eat | My favourite place to eat would have to be Sushi Sushi across from Melbourne State Library. I don't know what they do to the sushi but it's the best I've ever had.

Fav place in the world | My favourite place in the world (besides my bed) would have to be Florence, Italy. It has such rich culture and interesting fashion.

Fav Song | To pick only one song to be my all time favourite, is one of the hardest questions, as music is my life. That said my favourite song is "Pink Matter" by Frank Ocean, but the entire album "channel Orange" is an outstanding record.

Fashion Do | Pattern on pattern! Nothing better than standing out in a crowd.

Fashion Don’t (ever) | Jeans and runners should be a crime. I have refused to go out with friends before due to the fact that they were wearing jeans and runners.

What can't you live without | My phone. My phone and I have a special connection, similar to what I imagine a father would feel towards his son.